Here is just some of the feedback that we have received from our previous courses:

“Very valuable course – everyone should do it”

“Very pleased to have completed this course and use this information in my work and personal life”

“Excellent course that all businesses and the general community should be able to access”

“Very useful and informative”

“Really useful, everyone should have to attend”

“Great knowledge to take back to the workplace”

“Relevant. Support my practice in community work”

“Well worth it! Feel like my tool kit has been filled”

“The course was informative and well structured”

“Instructors with first hand experience are able to have a greater knowledge of conditions, etc.”

“Very good – it covered a lot of ground. Very informative”

“Great. I now feel more confident to talk to someone with problems”

“Very comprehensive and engaging”

“Excellent. Useable information”

“Well worth doing”

“I now have the confidence to deal with a current and future acquaintance with mental health”

“This course has been enlightening in the extreme”

“Good base level course for starting MHFA awareness”

“Very good! Great course for MHFA for the general public”