Supervision is a form of professional support, reflection, and learning and is relevant to a wide range of professions such as counsellors, psychologists, social workers, and disability support workers. Professional supervision is essential to ensure the well-being and competency of all those responsible for the care of others.

Sallyanne has achieved her Certificate of Attainment in the RISEUP model of supervision which focuses on the function of supervision as an opportunity for the Supervisee’s development across multiple aspects of their professional and clinical practice including:

  • Evaluation
  • Administration
  • Education
  • Support
  • Business Building/Career Support,

Sallyanne is a registered supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association College of Supervisors.

Sallyanne has experience in building a successful private practice in a regional area, servicing a wide range of counselling clients, including clients with disability, with a variety of presenting issues. In addition, Sallyanne has previously worked in the non-profit sector as a counsellor, support worker and peer worker.

If you would like more information about supervision services please contact Sallyanne to answer any questions you may have.