Counselling at TalkWise is provided by Sallyanne Keevers, a qualified and experienced counsellor, mental health peer worker, group facilitator and Mental Health First Aid Training instructor.

What is Counselling?

Counselling provides an opportunity for you to speak with a trained professional about emotional and psychological struggles you are experiencing. Anyone can go to counselling at anytime in their lives. Counselling can help you to build better relationships, increase self confidence and assertiveness, relieve stress, lessen anxiety, set boundaries, and regain emotional balance.

As your counsellor I will listen to your story and focus on building a respectful, trusting and nonjudgmental relationship with you as we develop a shared understanding of your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Through our conversations I will support you in exploring choices, making changes or reducing confusion as you freely explore your problems, discover new perspectives, gain clarity and generate options. At times it will be challenging, however discomfort and change go hand in hand and I will steadfastly support you throughout.

Participating in the counselling process is a courageous choice as you commit to making the changes needed to feel better, create the life you want, and enjoy long lasting results. You are important and the investment in yourself is always worth it.